Aikikai Aikido in Delft & Ypenburg


Newcomers and guests are more than welcome to join our Aikido practice. Feel free to send us a message (see at the bottom) or come to the Aikido training (see below). Wearing comfortable sports clothes with long pants is sufficient in the beginning, or if available a white martial arts suit (gi). An advanced Aikidoka wears a blue or black traditional pantskirt (hakama) and a black belt instead of a white one. For the time being, there is no Aikido training for children and adolescents.

Aikido training temporarily suspended until further notice

Aikido Delft
  Mekelweg 8   Subscription
  Dojo first floor   Free try-outs once per quarter
  17:00-18:00   All levels
  18:00-19:00   Advanced
Aikido Ypenburg (Den Haag)
  Oeverwallaan 130   Contribution
  Gym first floor   Free try-outs anytime
  20:00-21:00   All levels
  21:00-21:30   Advanced
  Saturday once per month
  14:00-16:00   Advanced