“Why do you practise Aikido?”




“I used to practice judo. The biggest difference compared to aikido is that in judo there is competition.

Aikido also knows attacks and self defence techniques but in this sport, the purpose is mainly focused on getting you to know – and to feel – how to use the energy, to become able to change an escalating situation into a controlled one. Controlled by you.

On the mat you treat people the way you want to be treated yourself. Body language and positive energy are key elements to guide you.

Each time you practice, you grow into this new state of mind which makes it so much fun and makes you want to continue. Hope to see you on the mat soon!”




“The first reason why I practise a martial art is because I really can relax my mind and put all the equations and theories from my study to a rest for a while. Afterwards I feel refreshed and content in general.

In the second place I was looking for a sport where I could train my body to have a better control over it and have better stability. Also a bit to stay in shape regarding my legs and lower back, because I generally train my upper body with fitness.

The reason why I picked aikido in particular is because it’s purely a defensive sport. I don’t want to learn how to hit someone in effective ways on nasty places, simply because I’m not a person that would start hitting people. I don’t know how it will be in a real fight but if it’s up to me I will never have to find that out.

A nice side-effect of studying aikido is an additional form of confidence. Not in the form of arrogance but as a stable person. The best way I can describe it is as the following: when the going gets tough, I’m able to help others and defend myself.”