Aikido is a Japanese martial art for developing and unifying body and mind. Its origin lies in the ancient art of the sword fencing by the Samurai knights.

Aikido roughly translates to the way of harmonising energies. In Aikido, an attack is not blocked but redirected by means of dynamic, flowing and seemingly effortless movements, and finally controlled. This is achieved by blending in with the initially opposing movement and intention while staying calm and centered.

We practice Aikido in a dynamic, focused and respectful way. In the process, the different Aikido techniques are used to approach and internalise the underlying principles. As there are no competitions in Aikido, it is not directed at winning or losing, but improving oneself in cooperation with each other.

After the warming-up, in which stretching, footwork, centering as well as safely rolling and falling are practiced, we train the various Aikido techniques together with a partner by alternately performing the role of the attacker or the defender. Through practicing with connection and interaction we adopt over time the physical and mental disposition that makes possible joining of opposing movements and intentions.

This process is supported by regularly practicing with wooden swords and sticks in order to better understand distances, lines and axes of rotation and to approach the martial aspects of Aikido.